“Here I Am” (2008)
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“Here I Am” features two quintets of incredible Chicago musicians, including alto saxophonist Greg Ward and tenor saxophonist Chris Madsen, guitarists Scott Hesse and Dave Miller, bassists Patrick Mulcahy and Hyosub Kim, and drummers Brian Ritter and John Smillie. Also on the album, each playing a duo with Leslie is pianist Rob Clearfield and guitarist Sam Macy.

Here I AmHere I Am

Track Listing:
1. Pure Imagination (L. Bricusse / A. Neeley / arr. Greg Ward)
2. I’m Old Fashioned (R. Noble/ arr. Leslie Beukelman)
3. Love is Blue (arr. L. Beukelman)
4. Very Early (B. Evans / arr. L. Beukelman)
5. Smile (C. Chaplin / arr. J. Terrason / adapted by L. Beukelman)
6. 14 (L. Beukelman)
7. Fall (W. Shorter / arr. G. Ward)
8. Remembering the Rain (B. Evans / Lyric and arr. L. Beukelman)
9. Here I Am (L. Beukelman)

Jazz Collection/ (various years)